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  "TV Comic Expert"   "TV Relationship Expert"   "TV Empowerment Expert"




FOX’s Bethenny Show

“Celebrity Expert” - Recurring


KOLO 8 News | Reno, Nevada
“TV Relationship Expert”

Kolo 8 News



The Morning Show Recurring
“Comedian” & Relationship Expert“


Wake Up San Diego
Valentines Day Special
How To Find Love Stay Connected

Valentines Day Special




NBC News
“Comic/Relationship” Expert
Empowerment Expert

NBC News

San Diego 6 News
Get Through the Holidays
“Relationship Expert”

San Diego 6 News

.... TV Host and Celebrity Reporter


MTV Movie Awards
Celebrity Reporter

Amy Ashton Celebrity Reporter
Link to video




Host on set of CSI
Host TV Show

Amy Ashton Host on set of CSI
Link to video



Dancing With The Stars
Celebrity Reporter

Amy Ashton Dancing With The Stars Celebrity Reporter




Toni Braxton
Celebrity Reporter

Amy Ashton Toni Braxton Celebrity Reporter



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Female Comedian Amy Ashton has many TV Appearances as well Guest Appearances as an Expert on the Panel on Talk Show circuit.