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Los Angeles Daily News
Los Angeles Daily News
February 14th 2015
1) Does Valentines day help or
harm a budding relationship?
2) Does a girl already know
if shell sleep with a guy
in the first few minutes?
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Local Spotlight
Local Spotlight
“Amy Ashton has a way of difdusing people’s
prejudices while bringing this multi-cultural
room together as one!
Wow what a Powerhouse!”
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Comic/Expert on Bethenny Show

Comedienne Amy Ashton & Speaker Larry King
Eagle & Badge Awards Gala

Larry King

Amy Ashton & Louis Gossett Jr.
Speak at Women In Recovery
Empowerment Mother’s Day Show

Amy Ashton and Louis Gossett Jr

Amy Ashton & Toni Braxton on
Bethenny Show

Amy Ashton and Tony Braxton


Host Comedian at LAPD Badge &
Honor Awards with Mario Lopez

Amy Ashton with Mario Lopez



.......Stand Up at The Laugh Factory


Sports HollywoodSports Hollywood
“Amy Ashton heralds a new generation of
Comedy where Women can be clever,
hiarious, powerful without once apologizing
for it.” See Article

los Angeles Times
Los Angeles Times
“No Steriotypes here!” See Article

LA Weekly
LA Weekly
“Amy Ashton Featured Pick Of The Week”
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Comic Expert on NBC News

News 4

Comic Expert on Ch 6 San Diego News

Ch 6 News


Amy Ashton & Women In Recovery
Empowerment Mother’s Day Show

Amy Ashton and Women in recovery empowerment Mother's Day Show

Amy Ashton Stand Up &
Talk Show at The Pioneer






Comic Expert on The Morning Show


Comic Expert on Ch 8 Reno News

Ch 8


Video at Recovery
Empowerment Women's Center


Amy at CBS


Comedienne, Amy Ashton
performing with Music sensation
Wilson Philips @ Hyatt Regency
Century Plaza

Amy Ashton and Wilson and Phillips


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Female Corporate Comedian. A  Writer for the late Joan Rivers who says Amy is Rare. Hilarious, talented and Beautiful"