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How To Score With A Girl By A Girl, (Advice For Men & Everything A Girl Wants You To Know)



Amy Ashton has had many TV appearances. You may have seen her as Celebrity Comic/Relationship Expert
on shows like NBC News, Bethenny Show, Morning Show and more! (See below)

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“This book made me laugh out loud. An easy read. Men don’t know what women really want... until now. This book wil give you more bang for your buck, than the price of the drinks you’llbuy a girl...and then won’t score with.
- Vinny C.

I love this book! The advice Amy gives is straight, to the point endlessly useful for BOTH men and women. The question and answer format is easy to read & hilarious in delivery. Packed withsimple techniques to conect men with women, authentically verses a ”Pick up” line. When we become comfortable expressing ourselves authentically, self-confidence naturally follows and is very sexy! I am a Certified Hypnoterapist/Life Coach and this is now required reading for all my clients who come to me for relationship strategies!
- RoseAnn Kelley, C.Ht.

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“DON’T ask a girl on a date. Ask her to something specific you KNOW she wants to do!” “SO true! I took a girl to a concert she couldn’t say no, had such a great time took the pressure off and finally gave me a chance!”
- Martin W.

“Amy’s book is refreshing...it’s a different approach or education on how to score with a women... She has the insight knowledge on what works to get a woman and ultimately in her arms. Amy’s funny and babe! I was surprised after reading her book approach changed and my love life re-newed. get her book and try for yourself!
- Eliot Man.

”Call don’t TEXT! I found out when I followed up with an actual phone call instead of a text after a first date. I would score instead of striked out! Who knew?”
- Martin P.



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  “Comic Expert & Relationship Expert”
FOX’s Bethenny Show


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Amy Ashton Author of, How To Score With A Girl By A Girl, Avail now on Amazon. Advice for men and Everything A Girl Wants A Guy To Do Without Saying. Amy Ashton, Stand Up turned Executive Producer and now Published Author of funny and informative Book being developed into a Late Night Talk Show!